Keep your pets safe in unpredictable spring weather

Our Wichita, KS Veterinarians have some advice on unpredictable weather

Thunder storm, tornado, wind and hail season is approaching in Wichita, Kansas. It’s important to have a safety plan of action for you and your pets in place before the emergency takes place. Unpredictable weather in Kansas can cause some serious damage. Make sure you and your pets are safe with these tips from Cimarron Animal Hospital Veterinarians.

Leaving your pet behind should never be part of your emergency action plan. If it’s unsafe for you, it’s unsafe for your pets. There are some circumstances where you would be able to reserve a spot for your pet at a veterinarian clinic or pet and dog boarding location. You can contact Cimarron Animal Hospital for your boarding needs.

When bad weather arises, seek shelter and do the following:

  • Bring your dogs and cats indoors at the first warning sign of bad weather
  • Put on your dogs and cat’s identification collars
  • Grab your pets’ leash
  • Put on their protective paw shoes or socks
  • Grab the phone number for your emergency veterinarian in case of major health emergency
  • Grab your pets’ medication

Collect your pet’s emergency bag. Your pet’s emergency bag should include the following items:

  • 5 days of pet food (make sure it hasn’t expired)
  • 7 days of water
  • Feeding bowl
  • Recent photos of your pet, in case you are separated and need help identifying your pet
  • Photocopies of current veterinarian records
  • Pet first aid kit

We have laid out the basics for how to prepare for your pet for an emergency. But, make sure to talk to your emergency vet clinic Veterinarian for your dog or cat’s specific needs.

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