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Wichita Veterinarians Talk Autumn Dangers for Pets

When the weather changes and everything becomes pumpkin-spiced, there are some different dangers for your pets than during other times of the year. The Wichita veterinarians at Cimarron Animal Hospital have some tips for keeping your pets safe during the fall season. Backyard Safety Tips for the Fall New seasons mean new growth in gardens […]

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5 Tips to Help Storm Anxiety in Your Pet

The torrent of recent rain in Wichita and the surrounding areas are wreaking havoc on river beds and basement sump pumps, but they have also been responsible for storm anxiety in many pets. There are a variety of reasons pets might have storm anxiety including: pets can sense a change in the barometric pressure, loud […]

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Keep your pets safe in unpredictable spring weather

Our Wichita, KS Veterinarians have some advice on unpredictable weather Thunder storm, tornado, wind and hail season is approaching in Wichita, Kansas. It’s important to have a safety plan of action for you and your pets in place before the emergency takes place. Unpredictable weather in Kansas can cause some serious damage. Make sure you […]

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The Heartbreak of Heartworms—How heartworm prevention saves lives

February is American Heart Month and while that focuses on human heart health, your dog’s heart health is important to think about as well. Heartworm is not often understood by pet owners. Whether they are living in Wichita, Kansas or elsewhere in the nation, dogs have been diagnosed with heartworms in every state. The best […]

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Wichita Vet—A Trained Dog is a Happier Dog

Ask any Wichita veterinarian and they will tell you, training your dog is important. While training your dog to properly run a Westminster Kennel Club show course would be cool, it’s not necessary. Basic training for your dog keeps them safe, and you sane. Training Keeps Dogs Safe According to the American Dog Trainers Network, […]

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Holiday Treats and Safety Tips Wichita Veterinarian Approved!

The holidays can be tons of fun for families with delicious treats and decorations—however not everything is safe at this time of year for your pets. Keep your cats and dogs safe this year with some safety tips from Wichita Veterinarians Dr. Kara James and Dr. Gary Skinner. Decoration Safety Animals are curious so it’s […]

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What's the Difference Between a Pet Care Clinic and an Animal Hospital?

When choosing a medical facility to care for your pets, the choices can be overwhelming and the difference between vet clinics and animal hospitals in Wichita can be confusing. Cimarron Animal Hospital has the answers you need to find the veterinarian in Wichita that best meets your pet’s needs. What is a Vet Clinic? Vet […]

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National Bring Your Cat to the Vet Day

Did you know that dogs are taken to the vet double the amount of times that cats are? Often cats only are taken to the vet when they are showing visible signs of illness, not yearly for a checkup, as is recommended. Almost 85% of cats have visited their veterinarian before their first birthday, but […]

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Allergies In Pets

Did you know that, like humans, dogs and cats can develop allergies? As it turns out, pet allergies are not at all uncommon. Though fairly widespread, determining the cause of irritation to your pet can be a little difficult. As a good pet owner, who wants their pet to live a comfortable life, it is […]

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