Best Pets for Kids – Veterinary Clinic Tips

How many times have you begged mom and dad, “Can we please, please, please, PLEASE get a PET!?” It’s true that caring for a new pet is a lot of work. However, pet ownership also teaches kids responsibility and compassion. It also fills their lives with unconditional love and friendship! Our veterinary clinic knows that matching the right pet with the right kid can make all the difference in the world.

Our Veterinary Clinic Recommends Several Ideal Pet Options for Kids

Betta Fish
Goldfish are super pretty, but they can also be high-maintenance. Betta fish are a much better choice for your child’s aquarium. They are easy to care for and come in orange, violet, red and green. They need clean water at about 77 degrees Fahrenheit, but make sure they swim alone. Two betta fish in one aquarium will fight and injure each other.

Small Lizards
Low-maintenance, friendly, tough and COOL – what’s a better first pet for a kid than a small lizard? The most popular are the bearded dragon and leopard gecko. Make sure you keep them at a safe temperature (80 to 95 degrees Fahrenheit), and don’t squeeze them too tight!

While hamsters are popular, they can also be aggressive and a bit “nippy.” Guinea Pigs are more gentle with friendly dispositions. Kids get a big kick out of their happy squeals and soft fur. “Fancy” rats (not dumpster rats) also make surprisingly good pets. They don’t mind being handled, are good-natured, and extremely intelligent.

Older Dogs & Cats
Puppies and kittens sure are cute! They’re also A LOT of work for 5 or 6-year-old kids. Younger children are actually better off with an older cat or dog that is already trained. Depending on the breed, older animals are more tolerant of kids. Make sure you choose a gentle cat that’s less likely to scratch. Larger dogs, like Labs and Retrievers, make perfect companions, protectors and playmates.

If you have questions about pet care and types of pets, please contact the friendly team at Cimarron Animal Hospital for more information. Our veterinary clinic wants to help your pets lead happier and healthier lives!

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