Cat Care Tips for New Pet Owners

Congratulations! You just adopted a new cat! You now have a furry best friend to love and play with. However, cat adoption comes with a few challenges. Your new kitty will be afraid of her new surroundings and probably find a hiding spot. Don’t worry! With a few easy cat care tips, you can help your new pet feel right at home!

Make Your Cat Feel Safe with These Cat Care Tips

Prepare Your Home

    • Unexplored spaces make cats feel uneasy. Your cat is entering a home she’s never seen before, so it’s natural that she’s wary. Create a cat friendly “safe haven” in the bathroom or laundry room that she can call her own. Include a litter box, food dish, and water bowl so she can have her privacy.
    • Cats love scratching things to wear down their claws. If you don’t want your furniture damaged, give your kitty her own scratching post (with catnip) in each room.
    • Are there any breakable items on the top of cabinets or shelves? You might want to remove them, because cats are climbers!

Day One

    • Bring your new cat home in a cat carrier to avoid stressing her out. Take her directly to the “cat haven” you prepared in advance.
    • Hugs and kisses? Give her space and be patient. Some cats are so frightened that they hide and only come out at night. Let your cat come to you and don’t force the issue.
    • Your cat may not have much of an appetite her first day. She’ll eat more once she becomes more comfortable in her surroundings. Make sure her food and water dishes are fresh and that she’s drinking. If it’s been several days and your cat still isn’t eating, then call our veterinary hospital for help.

The Next Few Weeks

    • It takes time, but your new cat should be fully adjusted in 1-2 weeks.
    • You need to schedule a medical checkup for your kitty within 7 days of your pet adoption. Call the friendly staff of Cimarron Animal Hospital for an appointment 🙂

After following these cat care tips, the both of you are ready to become the “best friends forever” you were always meant to be! For more information about cat care, please contact the pet experts of Cimarron Animal Hospital

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