Wichita Vet—Why Dog Training Makes a Happier Dog

Ask any Wichita veterinarian and they will tell you, training your dog is important. While training your dog to properly run a Westminster Kennel Club show course would be cool, it’s not necessary. Basic training for your dog keeps them safe, and you sane.

Training Keeps Dogs Safe

According to the American Dog Trainers Network, and our Cimarron Animal Hospital veterinarians, obedience training helps your dog develop habits that keep him or her safer and happier. Dogs that have been trained will respond to commands more reliably. Which means if your dog escapes the yard or out the front door, they are more likely to respond to your commands to “stop” “come” and “heel”.

When you can rely on your dog to listen to your commands, you can trust them to do more activities, like hang out with you as you do yard work, go to the pet store, and the dog park. It’s important in your training that your dog sees you as the alpha or leader of the pack. Especially if your pet has an energetic or a more dominant personality.

Trained Dogs Have Less Negative Behaviors

In addition, if for any reason you ever had to rehome your dog, trained animals are much more likely to get adopted. In addition, they are less likely to be surrendered in the first place. The reason is simple. Trained dogs have fewer behavioral issues. Negative behaviors to avoid are jumping up on people, tearing up trash, furniture, carpet, etc., using the bathroom in the house, and even aggression toward other dogs or people. These behaviors are more likely to cause the pet owner to surrender the dog to a shelter or attempt to rehome it. The earlier a dog receives training, the better. Studies say it’s best by age three—however, dogs can be trained at later ages—just not as quite as easily. The less negative behaviors a dog has, the more likely they will remain in a loving home for their entire lives.

Trained Dogs Are Less Stressed

Another great reason to train your dog is to help stimulate their brains. Dogs get bored too! When dogs get bored, that boredom can trigger negative behaviors. Training classes, activities and the homework will help your pup to stay mentally busy and on task. “Enrichment activities involved in training your dog are a great way to keep them happy and less stressed,” said Wichita veterinarian, Dr. Kara James of Cimarron Animal Hospital.

A natural result of training is that you and your pet will develop an even stronger bond. You will learn how to effectively communicate with your dog. This means your relationship with your pet will have more positive moments and less moments of stress and strain. Training will also help you and your dog develop confidence in one another, increasing your bond and lessening your—and your pet’s—stress levels.

Where Can I Get My Dog Trained?

There are many options for dog training in Wichita. The Kansas Humane Society offers Puppy Kindergarten, Basic Manners and Advanced Manners classes. Petco and other pet shops also offer training courses in addition to many private companies.

There are a variety of options available to help you get the best out of your best friend. Do some research—ask friends and family—and start your new year off right, with proper dog training.

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