Pets and Fireworks

As we get closer to the July 4th holiday, we see lots of people stocking up on fireworks to celebrate. Unfortunately, many pets are frightened by the loud sounds associated with shooting off fireworks. More pets go missing between July 4th and 6th than any other time of the year. Many pets will run away attempting to get away from the loud noises, leaving pet owners worried about their pet's safety. We have compiled some ideas to keep your pets safe around fireworks.

Pets and Fireworks – Safety Tips

Ensure your pet has proper ID. One of the best ways to protect your pets this time of year is to have them microchipped and wearing a collar with proper identification. Dogs with ID or whose owner can be found through the microchip database are reunited at greater rates than animals without ID.

Keep pets inside.  If your pet has demonstrated they are afraid of fireworks, keep them safely inside as fireworks season starts to gear up. If you have to leave the home, you may even want to play some music or leave the TV on as background noise. Using a crate or putting them in a quiet room might also help them if they are home alone. If you can’t leave them home alone, make sure you have them inside with you.

Give them medication. Many dogs that are afraid of loud noises such as thunder or fireworks are helped by using melatonin or CBD treats. If your dog has more severe anxiety, you should talk to Dr. James or Dr. Skinner here at Cimarron Animal Hospital to see if they can prescribe a stronger medication.

Clean-up is essential. Finally, after the celebrations are over, be sure to walk your yard to check for firework debris that could be interesting to your pet. This debris can be deadly if ingested so be sure to clean it all up before your pets go outside.

Cimarron Animal Hospital Can Help

Remember as you celebrate Independence Day this year that your pets are dependent on you to keep them safe and healthy. Pets and fireworks can make for some challenges this time of year. If you would like to have your pet microchipped or need medication for your pet, contact us at Cimarron Animal Hospital.

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