Pet Boarding at Cimarron Animal Hospital

As the holidays quickly approach, some pet owners will need to find a place to board their pets. Cimarron Animal Hospital offers pet boarding to our current clients. What are the benefits of pet boarding to you and how can you board a pet at Cimarron Animal Hospital? We answer these questions below!

Benefits of Pet Boarding

You may need to board your pet if you are traveling and can’t take your pet with you. You might also choose to board your pet if you are having company and you can’t have your pet there at the same time. When you choose to board your pet with a professional service, such as Cimarron Animal Hospital pet boarding, your pet is in good hands.

  1. One benefit to pet boarding is that you can feel comforted that your pet is in a safe environment. No need to worry about possible runaways, or separation anxiety because the staff is there for them in a controlled environment. Also, animals are required to have current vaccinations so they won’t get sick.
  2. Great exercise! Most pet sitters will come just once a day to feed pets and make sure they have water. However, pet boarding services will walk your dog and some even offer playtime with other animals.
  3. Pet boarding is often more convenient for you. You don’t have to give people your keys, alarm codes, etc. You can just drop off your furry family member and they will have everything needed.

Boarding at Cimarron Animal Hospital

If you are a current client at Cimarron Animal Hospital, we’d love to help board your pet the next time you are in need. Here are our requirements.

  1. Call us or come in person to schedule your pet boarding—we do not have an online scheduling tool.
  2. Pets may be dropped off for boarding any time during regular business hours. There are no admissions or pick-ups on Sundays or holidays. You can check in your pet on Saturdays or the day before a holiday.
  • Pets may also be picked up any time during regular business hours. We recommend picking up longhaired pets later in the day as they take longer to dry after bathing.
  • All boarders are fed Hill's Science Diet and Oxbow premium pet food unless you provide a special diet. Dogs and cats are fed twice a day.
  • Dogs are leash walked a minimum of three times daily, including weekends. They love to exercise!
  • All dogs must have proof of current distemper-parvo, bordetella (kennel cough), and rabies vaccinations. This keeps your pet safe and other pets safe.
  • If a boarder is overdue on vaccinations, our team will go ahead and vaccinate at an additional charge.
  • We reserve the right to refuse admission of any pet that the veterinarian feels may have a contagious disease. Our goal is to keep all our boarders safe.
  • If your pet should become ill, we will attempt to contact you ASAP. Know, however, they are in the best hands!

Contact us at 316-686-4713 to ask questions or schedule your pet boarding!

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  • We are scheduling appointments for curbside or drop-off patients only.
  • Unfortunately, we are unable to accept new patients at this time.
  • You can refill prescriptions in our online store.
  • We can take all payments via the phone using a debit or credit card to minimize everyone’s exposure during this critical time.

Our updated hours are:
Mon., Wed., Fri. 8AM-5:30PM
Thursday 8AM-Noon
Saturday - CLOSED starting March 28

Please call our office or email us at [email protected] with questions about your pets.

If you need to bring your pet in for emergency care:

  • Please call when you get to our clinic so we can help determine the best way to help you and your pets.  We ask that you remain in your car and we will come to you.
  • We are escorting pets from your car into our hospital for exams, treatments, and drop off appointments to minimize everyone’s human exposure.
  • We ask that all dogs be on a leash and all cats and exotic pets be in a proper pet carrier or pet taxi.
  • In instances where owners must be present, we ask that only one family member be present and that you wait in your car until we call to let you know your exam room is ready for you.

Thank you for your understanding and just know we are trying our best to help everyone get through the COVID-19 pandemic. We are following the AVMA and KVMA guidelines during this difficult time.

We are here for you and your family, and thank you for your patience and understanding.

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