National Bring Your Cat to the Vet Day

Did you know that dogs are taken to the vet double the amount of times that cats are?

Often cats only are taken to the vet when they are showing visible signs of illness, not yearly for a checkup, as is recommended. Almost 85% of cats have visited their veterinarian before their first birthday, but more than 50% of those same cats don’t return until they are in obvious pain or have fallen ill.

These statistics are troubling because your vet is the one with a trained eye to be able to see conditions that will affect the health of your cat in the long run. Preventative care instead of reactive care is the safer and easier route for your cat.

August 22nd is National Bring Your Cat to the Vet Day and it’s the perfect reminder that every year, your cat should visit your veterinarian at Cimarron Animal Hospital.

Cats are masters at hiding illnesses or discomfort and preventative care is much easier than reactive care.

During the visits, your veterinarian will give your cat a physical exam, checking for the common signs of sickness. Cats are great at hiding these symptoms and appearing normal, that’s why it’s a necessity to have a veterinarian checking them out once a year. Your vet will also give your cat the necessary immunizations. Which will prevent your cat from catching an infectious disease.

Many cat owners don’t bring their cat in for a yearly checkup because some cats make it nearly impossible. Cat owners know how stressed out your feline friend can become. This stress can manifest in several different ways, including vomiting, hissing, scratching or even biting you.

Try one of the following tips to relax your cat and make your trip to the vet at least a little easier:

  • Leave the carrier out for a few days prior to using it so your cat can get used to being around it.
  • Make the carrier cozier with your cat’s favorite blankets.
  • Practice fake vet trips with your cat and use lots of treats to distract them and make them happy. They will start to associate the car trips with getting treats.

If these tips are just not working, ask the vets at Cimarron Animal Hospital if they would recommend giving your cat a sedative before your next visit to keep your cat calm.

Happy National Bring Your Cat to the Vet Day!

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