Importance of an Exotic Pet Vet

Companion animals such as dogs and cats are common, but there are people who have exotic pets who also need medical care. Regular care at an exotic pet vet is important for your exotic animal, whether it’s a reptile or small mammal.

Why Choose an Exotic Pet Vet?

There are many valid reasons to choose a veterinarian who can care for exotic animals. We will examine the top reasons to choose a vet who can treat exotics.

First, vets who treat exotics in addition to dogs and cats will have had more training than a regular veterinarian and will have trained to treat exotics. A veterinarian trained in exotics will know proper handling techniques. This is crucial as improper handling could cause extra stress on your pet.

In addition, these veterinarians will have the special equipment necessary to examine, test and treat exotic pets. If your vet has medication on hand, they will likely have the medications necessary for exotic animals which could be difficult to find otherwise.

Choosing a Veterinarian for Your Pet

Before you choose an exotic pet, you should find a local veterinarian that serves exotics. You need a veterinarian who will understand the possible issues and solutions for your pet’s medical needs. These types of pets will have different needs than companion animals. Don’t be afraid to ask questions before you choose a veterinarian for your exotic pet. Inquire how much experience the practice has with pets like yours and set up an initial visit for an annual exam or preventative care.

Research the type of pet you’re interested in and become familiar with the pros and cons of that animal. For example, some reptiles have a long lifespan. Make sure you can commit the time necessary to care for that type of pet. Additionally, research if the pets should be kept alone or with others. Pets that need socialization will be harmed if they don’t have that basic need met, so be prepared to offer the best care.

If your research and heart lead you to an exotic pet, contact Cimarron Animal Hospital to schedule a consultation. We’d love to have you and your pet as part of our family!

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