Common Veterinary Clinic Procedures: Keeping Your Furry Friends Happy and Healthy

Welcome back, pet lovers! If you're reading this, chances are you've visited our trusted Cimarron Animal Hospital or are considering a trip to the veterinarian soon. Whether you have a playful pup, a curious cat, or an exotic pet, it's essential to understand some common veterinary procedures that can help ensure your furry (or scaly or shelled) friend's well-being.  

Wichita Vet Common Procedures 

Your veterinary clinic, including Cimarron Animal Hospital, is a key player, aside from you, in keeping your pet healthy. Part of being a responsible pet owner is ensuring your pet receives regular veterinary care. Below are some of the most common reasons to visit your veterinary clinic. 

Routine Check-Ups 

Just like humans, pets need regular check-ups to stay healthy. These routine visits allow your veterinarian to assess your pet's overall health and catch any potential issues early on. During these appointments, your vet will: 

  • Check your pet's weight, temperature, and heart rate. 
  • Examine the eyes, ears, and mouth. 
  • Listen to your pet's lungs and heart. 
  • Feel for lumps, bumps, or other abnormalities. 
  • Discuss vaccinations and preventive care. 
  • Routine check-ups are a great opportunity to ask questions and address any concerns you may have about your pet's health. 


Vaccinations are essential to protect your pet from various diseases. The specific vaccines your pet needs depend on factors like their age, species, and lifestyle. Common vaccines for dogs include rabies, distemper, and parvovirus, while cats typically receive vaccines for feline leukemia and rabies. 

Dental Care 

Oral health is crucial for your pet's overall well-being. Dental issues can lead to pain, infection, and even systemic health problems. Regular dental cleanings help prevent tartar buildup and gum disease. If your pet experiences dental problems, your vet may recommend extractions or other treatments to keep their pearly whites in tip-top shape. 

Spaying and Neutering 

Spaying (for females) and neutering (for males) are common procedures to prevent unwanted litters and reduce the risk of some health problems like uterine infections and certain cancers. These surgeries are usually performed when your pet is a few months old, and they typically recover quickly. 


Losing a pet can be a heart-wrenching experience but microchipping can increase the chances of a reunion. This simple procedure involves inserting a tiny chip under your pet's skin, which contains a unique identification number. If your pet ever gets lost and is brought to a veterinary clinic or shelter, they can scan the chip to identify you as the owner. 


Sometimes, pets require surgery for various reasons, such as injury, illness, or a planned procedure like a dental extraction. Modern Wichita vet clinics like Cimarron Animal Hospital are equipped with state-of-the-art facilities and experienced surgeons to ensure your pet receives the best possible care during surgery and throughout the recovery process. 

Parasite Control 

Parasites like fleas, ticks, and worms can make your pet uncomfortable and even cause serious health problems. Your veterinarian can recommend and administer preventive medications to keep these pesky intruders at bay. Regular testing for internal parasites is also essential, especially for outdoor pets. 

Allergies and Skin Conditions 

Many pets suffer from allergies and skin conditions that can lead to itching, discomfort, and even infection. Our vets can help identify the cause of these issues and recommend treatment options, which may include dietary changes, medications, or allergy testing. 

Wichita Vets Care for Your Pets 

Caring for your beloved pets involves more than just providing food and shelter. Regular visits to your local veterinary clinic, like Cimarron Animal Hospital, are essential to ensure their health and happiness. From routine check-ups to vaccinations, dental care, and more, these common veterinary procedures play a vital role in keeping your furry friends in top-notch shape. 

Remember that your veterinarian is your go-to resource for pet care advice, so don't hesitate to reach out with any questions or concerns. With proper care and attention, you can look forward to many more happy and healthy years with your four-legged family members. You can contact us to schedule an appointment for your pet’s regular care. 

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