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Gentle Dentistry-Keeping Your Pet's Mouth Healthy

February is National Pet Dental Health Month and Cimarron Animal Hospital has some information for you about taking care of pet oral health. Your pet’s dental health is important to their overall health. Just like in humans, periodontal disease can cause other issues outside the mouth including problems in the heart, liver and kidneys. Most […]

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Why Do Dogs Eat Grass?

This seems like a question as old as time for pet owners. Why do dogs eat grass? There are a variety of reasons that your pup may be chowing down on the lawn, and none of them are too big of a concern unless you see accompanying behavior that would indicate otherwise such as excessive […]

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Holiday Dangers for Pets

The holidays are typically a joyous time of the year, but there are some kinds of dangers for pets that must be considered. Keeping your pet save during the holidays isn't hard to do if you know what you need to look for. Hidden dangers to your pets can cause them to get sick, injured […]

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Pet Boarding at Cimarron Animal Hospital

As the holidays quickly approach, some pet owners will need to find a place to board their pets. Cimarron Animal Hospital offers pet boarding to our current clients. What are the benefits of pet boarding to you and how can you board a pet at Cimarron Animal Hospital? We answer these questions below! Benefits of […]

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Vaccinations for Your Pet

Vaccinations for your pets are a critical part of your pet’s health. Vaccinations can help prevent a variety of potentially deadly illnesses for your beloved pet. There are several critical vaccinations you should get for your pet. Vaccinations for Dogs Vaccines help save lives and protect your dog from illnesses such as Parvovirus, distemper, canine […]

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Is My Cat Sick?

Cats, because of their tendency to hide illnesses, can be sick for a period of time before their owner realizes there is a problem. By the time an owner asks, “Is my cat sick?”, the cat can be extremely sick. Signs Your Cat Might Be Ill As with any illness, it’s best if it can […]

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Check My Dog for Ticks

Summer is the time of year in which ticks thrive and they may be thriving on you and your pets. Ticks can make your dog sick and it may not be something you notice for a week to 21 days after a tick bite. Watch them for signs like a loss of appetite or other […]

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Can I get coronavirus from my dog or cat?

Who Can Get Coronavirus? The COVID-19 pandemic is top of mind for most people and the recent case of a tiger at the Bronx Zoo testing positive for the disease has people asking, “Can I get coronavirus from my dog or cat?” It’s understandable to be concerned. However, the answer, according to the World Health […]

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Sheltering-in-Place with Your Pets

Keeping Your Pets Safe and Sane While Sheltering-in-Place As more of us are practicing social distancing and are working remotely, or not working, we are home with our pets. During a quarantine, when citizens are asked to stay home, practice social distancing or shelter-in-place, the one silver lining is being home with your pet. The […]

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Modified Curbside Procedures

Our lobby is still closed. Clients are permitted but no more than 2 to come inside, or they may remain curbside, but must wear masks. Please call to let us know when you arrive and the technicians will escort you to the room.

  • Drop off, pet medicine pick-up or post-operative pickup is curbside.
  • Please call to place your prescription orders prior to arrival.
  • We are not taking new clients at this time.

Our updated hours are:
M,T,W,F 8AM-5:30PM
Thursday 8AM-Noon
Sat. & Sun CLOSED

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