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If anything is true in this world it’s one thing – Kids Love Dogs and Dogs Love Kids! There are so many dog breeds to choose from, however, that it can be an overwhelming decision. The veterinarians of Cimarron Animal Hospital know that some dog breeds are better for young children than others. Check out the “Top 5 Dog Breeds for Children” from our Wichita animal hospital.

Our Wichita Animal Hospital Wants Your Child to Find the Perfect Dog

1. Labrador Retriever
Labs are one of the most popular dog breeds in the country—an Old Yeller dog breed. There are three different types – Black, Yellow, and Chocolate. Labrador Retrievers are patient, loving, outgoing, obedient, loyal, tough, protective, and patient with young children who like to push and pull. Labs are very active and love playing outside!

2. Golden Retriever
Golden Retrievers are very similar to Labs and the breeds are closely related. However, Goldens have longer coats and are a little more laid back. Golden Retrievers are intelligent, patient, friendly, devoted, loyal, sweet, social, playful, obedient, and beautiful. They love playing outside, so make sure they get plenty of exercise!

3. Collie
“What’s that Lassie? Timmy’s stuck in the well again?” Lassie is one “peach of a pooch.” She also happens to be a Collie! Intelligent, sweet, polite, sensitive and devoted, Collies are perfect family dogs. They are also protective, loving watchdogs for children. Since Collies were originally bred as sheep dogs, they sometimes gently “herd” kids during playtime.

4. Beagle
Beagles can be high-maintenance and a bit eccentric. However, they are also sweet, gentle, happy, intelligent, cute, sturdy, social, and energetic. Does that sound like “Snoopy” or what? Beagles also love to play, so they need a lot of attention!

5. Mutts
Some of the best dogs in the world are those without a fancy family tree (Just look at “Old Yeller”). Not only do you save a life by rescuing a mixed breed from a shelter, you also gain a faithful and loving family member! Mutts are intelligent, friendly, loving, devoted, and loaded with personality! Medium or large-sized dogs are most ideal for kids since small dogs can sometimes be a little “yippy.” Mixed breeds are also not as prone to some diseases that are more common with purebreds.

For more information about dog breeds and family pets, including the best dog breeds for kids, please contact our Wichita animal hospital. The veterinarians of Cimarron Animal Hospital are dedicated to helping your children find the perfect family pet. Our Wichita animal hospital can’t wait to meet you!

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