Your New Puppy’s First Night – Veterinary Hospital Tips

It’s the big day! You went through the pet adoption process, and found the perfect addition to your family. Your new puppy is coming home! However, the first night isn’t all snuggles, rainbows, and sugar kisses. It’s the first night your puppy has been away from her mother, brothers, and sisters. Out of fear and loneliness, she’s going to whine and cry out for the rest of her pack. Don’t worry. You and your new puppy will be just fine!

Our veterinary hospital has several tips to make your puppy’s first night easier.

Getting Ready for Bed
Puppies are filled with unlimited energy! Before bedtime, play with your puppy so she's nice and tuckered out. This will help her sleep through the night. To avoid frequent bathroom trips, take your puppy outside so she can relieve herself. No food and water after 7 p.m. will also help prevent accidents, since your puppy hasn't been house trained.

Sweet Dreams, Pup!
In order to ease the transition, let your puppy sleep in your room. This will establish yourself as the new “pack leader,” and make her feel less lonely and afraid. While it may be tempting to snuggle your new pup, you shouldn’t let her sleep in your bed. This will only create future behavioral problems and bad habits. In the puppy’s bed, place a shirt or blanket with your scent, and a ticking clock to help her relax.

Crying & Whining
It’s natural for puppies to cry and whine during the night. She either needs to go outside or wants attention. Puppies usually have to relieve themselves every few hours, so plan on taking her out at least two times. If your puppy wants attention, give her a pat but don’t overdo it. You don’t want to reward bad behavior. Sometimes a little “tough love” is needed with a firm “Be quiet!” Your puppy will stop crying at night after she becomes comfortable in her new surroundings. A little patience and understanding goes a long way!

Rise and Shine!
Congratulations! You made it through your first night. Carry your puppy outside so she can relieve herself, and give her love and praise. You both might be a little sleepy, but it’s the beginning of a beautiful friendship!

If you have any questions regarding your puppy's care or health, please contact the friendly staff at Cimarron Animal Hospital. Our veterinary hospital offers superior services for pets in Wichita and across the state of Kansas. Please contact our veterinary hospital today to make an appointment.

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