Why Do Dogs Eat Grass?

This seems like a question as old as time for pet owners. Why do dogs eat grass? There are a variety of reasons that your pup may be chowing down on the lawn, and none of them are too big of a concern unless you see accompanying behavior that would indicate otherwise such as excessive vomiting, or diarrhea.

Reasons Why Your Dog is Eating Grass

  1. One reason dogs may eat grass would be to meet a dietary need—often fiber. Dogs who have a vitamin or mineral deficiency may also take to eating grass to improve their dietary needs. Some canines, such as foxes still eat certain berries and other plant materials. It's not unheard of for omnivores to subsidize their diet as needed.
  2. Dogs who eat grass may be bored. When dogs are bored, or anxious they will often eat things outside of food. This could be toilet paper, tissues, or natural things such as grass. Make sure your dog is getting plenty of exercise and is staying mentally stimulated. Keeping your pet from boredom could eliminate eating grass.
  3. Although it isn't proven, many pet owners believe dogs eat grass to help them feel better and may induce vomiting. However, this isn't necessarily true as only 25% of dogs vomit after eating grass. Of those, only 10% appeared to be ill beforehand.
  4. Why do dogs eat grass? Some veterinarians and animal experts believe it could be because they simply like the taste of it.

Should I Worry About My Dog Eating Grass?

If your dog eats grass, you shouldn't worry. Unless the dog's behavior changes and they appear sick or are struggling with vomiting and diarrhea, there isn't a reason to worry. You should, however, make sure the herbicides or pesticides used on your lawn aren't harmful to dogs. If your dog is eating other plants in your yard, that could be cause for concern as there are varieties of plants that are harmful to dogs.

If I Am Concerned, What Should I Do?

If you believe your dog is sick or if they have ingested a harmful plant or substance such as pesticide or weed killer, contact Cimarron Animal Hospital. Our team can help you determine if your pet should be examined.

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