Spring Dangers for Your Pet

Spring is nearly here which means warmer weather to play, take walks and enjoy! Spring does have some dangers, however for your pets so be sure to do what you can to keep them safe.

1. Easter baskets—While kids love Easter baskets, the contents—especially chocolates—are toxic to dogs. Be sure you keep these treats up where your pet can’t reach, and if you hide plastic eggs in the yard, make sure you pick them all up. Your child might not be able to find an egg, but your dog will have no trouble!

2. Allergies—Pets can have allergies too. Keep an eye on your pet to see if they are having allergic reactions. If allergies are an issue, your pet might scratch more, sneeze, cough, lick and chew. If you suspect an allergy, call Cimarron Animal Hospital and we can help.

3. Plants and flowers—Spring brings out the beauty—and danger—in your backyard. Lillies in particular can make dogs sick and are deadly to cats. When planning your landscaping, avoid azaleas and rhododendrons, which are highly toxic to pets. Some mulch can contain coffee grounds which, if ingested, can lead to caffeine toxicity in animals so be sure to check labels.

4. Bugs—Warmer weather brings back bugs including mosquitos, ticks and fleas. Make sure you are giving your pet heartworm medication and flea and tick prevention medication.

5. Cleaning supplies—When you start spring cleaning, remember to keep your pets away from surfaces until they are dry. Chemicals and even some natural products can make your pets sick if they are ingested or absorbed.

6. Unplanned breeding—Every year, 2.1 million dogs and cats are euthanized each year. Spaying and neutering your pets is the best way to prevent unplanned breeding and more unwanted animals on the streets and in shelters.

7. Stagnant water—Check your yard for standing pools of water which can harbor bacteria that can cause serious tummy issues for your pet. These pools of water also create a perfect breeding ground for mosquitos which can infect your dog with heartworms.

Spring is an amazing time to get back to outdoor activities with your pet, but take the time and effort to make sure they are staying safe. However, if your pet does need medical attention, the staff and doctors at Cimarron Animal Hospital are here for you!

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