Give Your Pets the Nutrition They Need
Cimarron Animal Hospital carries veterinary grade foods by Science Diet, IAMS, Oxbow Animal Health Food and Harrison's Bird Food, as well as other items selected to enrich and engage your pet's life.
Oxbow is only sold in veterinary offices and maintains a strong relationship with the veterinary industry in a multitude of ways, from their advisory board of top exotic veterinarians, to their Educational Partnership Program which assists every veterinary school across the US by providing educational materials, pet food and supplies. Designed by top veterinarians and nutritional experts, The Oxbow Professional Line is a premium recovery line designed by top veterinarians to assist in the recovery of small exotic animal species that are unable to consume proper nutrition as a result of surgery, illness or pain. The Oxbow Professional Line includes: Critical Care, Critical Care Fine Grind, Carnivore Care, and FIBRevive.

Harrison's Bird Food is a complete organic diet that's fully fortified with vitamins, yielding the best health results of any documented or homemade diet for birds. With the leading cause of death in birds being malnutrition, the single most important thing you can do for your bird is feed it properly. Proper nutrition also staves off metabolic bone disease, as well as prevent and reduce elevated cholesterol.

Harrison's Bird Foods were developed by avian veterinarians, leading aviculturists and top avian nutritionists to be the most nutritionally complete diet available. Bring out the ideal pet bird with ideal pet nutrition, a bird that's beautiful, brightly colored, sleek-looking, singing, playing, active, and affectionate. Organic ingredients are key to a bird's health as birds are extremely sensitive to the chemicals used in contemporary farming. All Harrison's Bird Foods are certified organic by the Organic Crop Improvement Association (OCIA). Harrison's Bird Foods contain: NO chemical insecticides, herbicides or fungicides, NO preservatives and NO double-dosed vitamins. Harrison's Bird Diet also screens all of its products for pathogenic bacteria, molds (mycotoxins) and various natural enzymes (e.g.,trypsin) to assure safety for consumption by birds and other animals. Besides being certified organic, the ingredients are premium, chunked whole grains and legumes. Harrison's does not use wheat. Tests are performed on each and every batch to make sure they meet strict nutritional requirements.
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