Skilled Professionals to Help Diagnose Your Pet
When our veterinarians thoroughly examine your pet, they are often able to tell you what's wrong. Our skilled veterinary professionals have a full knowledge of the medical conditions that may affect your pet's health, as well as the ability to properly evaluate your pet's physical symptoms.
Cimarron Animal Hospital begins our comprehensive pet exams by checking your pet's coat for missing fur patches, skin conditions, flea dirt and ticks. Next, we check your pet's eyes (for clarity and vision), ears (see them scratching? An ear infection could be the issue), and teeth (gum disease can be a real problem, leading to other issues).

Arguably, the most important part of our pet exams is what you, the pet owner, contributes. Owners can tell when their pet is truly happy and healthy. Our veterinarians will enquire about pet behavior, diet and elimination history so we may fully understand what's going on with your pet – physically and emotionally. Once we have the complete picture of your pet's health, we can begin to find the proper care regimen for them.
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