Pet Care Tips for Summer

The last school bell has rung its last ring, and that can only mean one thing. Summer Vacation is here! Three months of freedom. Time to scream and shout! Bike rides, playtime, swimming pools, baseball, building forts, catching fireflies – the days are PACKED! Summer also gets really hot, which can make things uncomfortable. You think you’re hot? Well, your faithful dog and cat are both covered in FUR! You can bet that they’re feeling pretty “toasty.” The summer months can be dangerous for your pets, so it’s important to give them the pet care they need to survive the heat.

There are Several Important Summer Pet Care Tips for Kids to Remember

It’s HOT – Keep It COOL!
Take summer temperatures seriously. You get hot and dehydrated, and so do your pets. The difference is that you can sit by the air-conditioner drinking lemonade whenever you feel like it. Dogs and cats are limited in their choices for beating the heat. Humans get cool by sweating, while dogs do so by panting. Dogs with flat faces (like Pugs), however, are unable to pant as easily and are at a higher risk for heat stroke. Older and overweight pets are also more susceptible.

Unlike wild animals, pets rely on their owners to help them survive the elements. Take care of your pet by making sure they have access to cool, fresh water, and a place where they can take shelter from the sun. Your animals can also suffer from sunburns, so check with your veterinary hospital about the best types of pet care sunscreens.

Summer Gets “Buggy”
The sun is out, so here come the bugs! Fleas, ticks, mosquitos, flies, wasps, ants, and other pests are everywhere in the summertime. Flea collars and ear ointments can protect your outdoor pets from nasty bites and stings. Also, make sure your pet has a house or shelter where they can find relief from swarms of biting insects. Check your dog and cat for ticks before they come inside. Talk to your veterinary hospital for more about treatment options.

Harmful Chemicals
Lawn fertilizers and pesticides can significantly harm your dogs and cats, so make sure your lawn uses “pet friendly” products. Overheated automobiles also leak toxic antifreeze that cats and dogs might drink and swallow. This can result in the death of your pet. Keep your animals away from these puddles, and make note of any spills under the cars of neighbors.

Summer is a time for fun! Remember that your pet needs your help to stay safe when the temperatures rise. By following these easy tips, you and your pet will be well on your way to having the best summer ever! If you have any questions about pet care, please contact Cimarron Animal Hospital for more information.

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