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It's hot outside – must be summer! While you wear shorts and sandals, your cat is stuck with a permanent “fur coat.” Summer can get pretty miserable for your furry feline friend if you don't take the right precautions. Your cat depends on you to help them stay cool and safe when the weather heats up. Over exposure to heat can result in dehydration, heatstroke, heat exhaustion, respiratory problems, illness and even death. Our veterinarians Wichita, KS want to help your “cool cats” stay cool for a safe and fun summer!

Summer Cat Care Tips from Our Veterinarians Wichita, KS

Never Leave Your Cat in the Car!
Not even for a minute! The temperature in a parked car will skyrocket to dangerous heat levels. This would be a tragic death for your loving pet. Bring your cat inside with you, or drop them off at home if you're going to be running a lot of errands.

Like all living things, kitties need water to stay hydrated during the day. Make sure your cat has plenty of fresh, clean water throughout the house. Change their water dishes regularly. You can even drop in a few ice cubes to make their water nice and cool.

Cool Area
Make sure your cat has a cool area inside the house, and they have room to move around. Give them access to rooms with tiled floors, and draw the curtains to keep out the sun. Use a small fan next to your cat's favorite spot so she can feel the breeze. Ceiling fans and air conditioning also help cool things down.

Place cool towels or cold water bottles in your cat's bed. Use legs to elevate the bed to allow airflow underneath. This will keep your cat cool while she sleeps. Do NOT use gel cold packs. The gel material used inside these packs are deadly to your cat if ingested.

Wet Cloth
Pet and groom your cat with a cool, wet cloth. She will love it!

Play with your cat later in the day when it starts to cool off. You don't want her exercising too much during the hot parts of the day. She could easily overexert herself and become dehydrated.

Follow these simple steps and your cat will have a safe and happy summer! If she is panting a lot, drooling, having problems breathing, or is losing consciousness, please call or visit Cimarron Animal Hospital immediately. Our veterinarians Wichita, KS give your pets the best care possible. For more information on cat care tips for the summer, contact our vet clinic. Our veterinarians Wichita, KS can't wait to meet you!

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