Is My Cat Sick?

Cats, because of their tendency to hide illnesses, can be sick for a period of time before their owner realizes there is a problem. By the time an owner asks, “Is my cat sick?”, the cat can be extremely sick.

Signs Your Cat Might Be Ill

As with any illness, it’s best if it can be caught early. Below are some signs that your feline friend might not be feeling their best.

Behavior Changes – Sick cats may start to hide more often or stop doing the things they usually do like grooming. Remember that even if a cat is purring, it still can be sick. Watch for behaviors that just aren’t normal for your cat.

Issues Eating or Drinking – Again, watch for abnormal behavior with eating and drinking. Is your cat suddenly experiencing extreme hunger or thirst? Cats are susceptible to diabetes and kidney disease and problems with eating and drinking can indicate these issues.

Problems with Poop or Urination – Like humans, sometimes cats have issues with their urinary tracts. However, in cats, a urinary tract infection or blockage can be life-threatening. If you notice your cat having issues with frequent, sudden urination or you see them straining in the litterbox, it’s time to see the doctor.

Problems with diarrhea or constipation are also common in cats. If you notice blood in their stools, or they have watery diarrhea, or are experiencing diarrhea and showing other signs of being ill, it’s time to take them to our office!

Discolored Gums and Fever – If your cat isn’t acting like themselves, you can check their gums to see if they are normal or discolored. Normal gums will be pink and when pressed, should return to pink quickly. Gums that are blue, red, or yellow are indicators of life-threatening health issues and the cat should be taken to the vet right away.

You can also check if a cat is sick by taking their temperature. The normal temperature of a cat is 100-103 degrees. If the temperature is above or below that average, you should contact the vets at Cimarron Animal Hospital right away.

Taking Care of Your Sick Cats

Cats can be snuggly or stand-offish, in your space, or off on their own. The important thing is that you pay attention and if their behavior seems unusual, and you’re wondering “Is my cat sick,’ you should contact us to see if there is an issue.

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