Animals Also Need Dentists

Your pets need regular dental examinations and teeth cleaning, just like humans do. The veterinarians of our Wichita vet clinic are proud to offer gentle dentistry services. This means we give your animal compassionate care to make the experience as painless and "stress-free" as possible!

Did you know that dental disease is the number one health condition affecting pets nationwide? Dental health can have a big impact on your pet's health and longevity. Cimarron Animal Hospital's preventive, gentle dentistry services include pet teeth cleaning, polishing, tooth extraction, and oral surgery.

More than 85% of dogs and cats over two years old suffer from some form of periodontal disease. Periodontal disease and related dental conditions (abscesses, gingival disorders, resorptive lesions, oral tumors, TMJ abnormalities, malocclusions, fractured and worn down teeth) directly correlate with heart, liver, and kidney diseases, making dental care one of the most important steps in your pet's preventative care plan.

Dental care needs to start early in your pet's life. A dental exam and cleaning are recommended at least once per year. By the time many dental conditions are diagnosed, they are often advanced. Many pets will start to show signs of dental disease by age three. Plaque hides behind the gum line, and often anesthesia is needed to provide a thorough cleaning. X-rays should also be taken to see if there is dental disease that isn't visible to the naked eye. Anesthesia is a safe and effective way to ensure your pets receive an accurate diagnosis and a complete cleaning. It also relieves the stress pets may feel during a dental exam and treatment.

Taking care of your pet's teeth at home is also important. From brushing their teeth to providing them with dental products, there are ways you can help mitigate dental disease in your pets. Searching for "teeth cleaning for dogs near me"? Cimarron Animal Hospital is here to help keep your pet's teeth healthy.

Contact us to learn more about how we do pet teeth cleaning or to schedule an appointment.

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