Five Ways to Show Your Pet They are Loved!

Valentine's Day is coming soon and while you won't be sending flowers to your pets, you can show your pet you love them in a variety of ways!

  1. Feed your pet health food. The way to a pet's heart can be through their stomach but stay away from human food which is often too fatty and can contain food that is harmful to your animal. There are tons of pet food options and you might feel overwhelmed. If this happens, just ask your veterinarian for their suggestion.
  1. Make sure they exercise! Most pets love to play, so play with them! If you have a yard, take your dog outside and play fetch, or run with them. Most dogs love to go on walks and if you have them properly leashed, and the weather is good (not too hot or too cold), you can help burn off all the extra energy they have. If you have a cat, get them to exercise with a wand toy or balls. Whatever you choose to do, have fun!
  1. Intentionally observe what they want to do. Dogs and cats might not speak English, but they have body language that can tell you what they like and don't like. Pay attention to this body language and respect the feelings of your pet. If they don't seem to enjoy wrestling, don't let them do that. If something scares them, don't keep doing that activity.
  1. Show your pet you love them by paying attention to them! Dogs and cats are social creatures that love to spend time with their humans. When you get home, be sure to greet your pets. It's been a long day without you (at least in the pet's perspective) and they want to show you you've been missed so return the favor! Set aside time to pet them, talk to them and play for even just a minute before you get engaged in something else. You might consider giving them a treat (Dog Treats / Cat Treats) once in a while as well to give that little bit of extra love and attention to them.
  1. Last and certainly not least, is make sure they have annual check-ups at Cimmaron Animal Hospital. Dogs should receive annual vaccinations and dental cleanings. The veterinarian will check your animal for parasites, heartworm, skin problems and issues with ears and eyes. Be sure to mention any changes in your dog's behavior that might have an underlying medical cause. Cats have similar examinations but may also undergo testing for kidney problems. Making sure your pets are healthy is perhaps the best way to let them know you love them.
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