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Allergies are at a record high right now. You might have itchy eyes, a runny nose, and a frog in your throat. Guess what? Your dog suffers from allergies too – just in some slightly different ways. It’s important to keep your dog happy, healthy and safe when the weather starts to warm up. Read the following tips from our Wichita animal hospital to make sure your furry best friend is protected from flea allergy, food allergies and environmental allergies.

Our Wichita Animal Hospital Wants to Protect Your Dog from Allergens

Flea Allergy
Red irritated skin? Hot spots? A lot of itching and scratching? Uh oh! Sounds like your dog is suffering from flea allergy dermatitis. It’s not the actual flea bite that’s causing all the problems. It’s the flea saliva inside the bite that makes your dog miserable. This is a common problem with some easy solutions. When it starts to warm up, comb your dog’s fur once a day with a flea comb and use a light-colored towel to see anything that comes off the hair. Giving your dog regular baths with herbal shampoo will get rid of fleas and sooth your pet’s irritated skin. Fleas are also less attracted to clean animals.

Food Allergies
Red eyes? Coughing and sneezing? Inflamed ears? Swollen paws? Oozing skin? Your dog might have a food allergy. When you give your dog the same food month after month, they sometimes develop an allergic reaction to different ingredients. This is why it’s important to feed your dog a diverse diet. Contact our Wichita animal hospital for treatment options, if your dog is suffering from a possible food allergy.

Environmental Allergies
Ragweed, grasses, pollens, dust mites, cleaning chemicals and fabrics affect dogs just like you and me. You should keep your dog’s environment as clean as possible and watch for allergy symptoms. Give them baths, soak their feet and make sure they have plenty of fresh water.

For more information about dog allergies and ways to treat side effects, please contact our Wichita animal hospital to schedule an appointment. The veterinarians of the Cimarron Animal Hospital are dedicated to helping your dogs live healthy and happy lives. Our vet clinic is here to help and answer all your questions!

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