Animals Can Have Allergies Too
Just like humans, dogs and cats can have allergies. In fact, more than 30% of all skin irritations in our pets can be attributed to pet allergies. These allergies can come from foods, inhaled allergens like weed, tree, and grass pollens, fungi, even insects and storage mites.

Cimarron Animal Hospital will perform a comprehensive examination of your animal to determine whether testing for pet allergies is warranted. If it is, a small sample of blood may be drawn and submitted for diagnostic evaluation. Spectrum Labs will test your pet's blood for sensitivity to a variety of allergens, including inhalants and foods. 

Unfortunately, there is no known "cure" for pet allergies, aside from avoiding all the things your pet reacts to, which we know is unlikely to happen. Suppression therapy methods such as steroids or antihistamines are quite expensive, have a mediocre efficacy rate, and can potentially cause negative side effects. Cimarron Animal Hospital uses hyposensitization, or allergy injections, to effectively manage your pet's allergies. Other than carefully avoiding all of the possible allergens, our veterinarians have found that hyposensitization is the best and safest option for your pet's long-term relief. Contact us to schedule your pet's allergy consultation.

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Modified Curbside Procedures

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