5 Tips to Help Storm Anxiety in Your Pet

Storm Anxiety

The torrent of recent rain in Wichita and the surrounding areas are wreaking havoc on river beds and basement sump pumps, but they have also been responsible for storm anxiety in many pets.

There are a variety of reasons pets might have storm anxiety including: pets can sense a change in the barometric pressure, loud thunder can be frightening and a build-up of static electricity in their fur can cause small shocks that range from uncomfortable to downright terrifying for an animal. Sometimes, a human that is scared of storms can pass that anxiety along to animals.

How can you help relieve storm anxiety in your dog? We have 5 tips to help!

  1. Create a safe place for your pet to go during a storm. Cats will likely hide somewhere familiar, and dogs might need a designated area such as a dog bed.
  2. Anxiety wraps such as Thundershirts are a good option for many dogs and even some cats (only if the cats like to be cuddled or swaddled). These wraps provide a calming effect on animals, making them feel safer. Metal fabric-lined garments, such as the Storm Defender, protect dogs from static shocks.
  3. Dogs that are frightened of loud noises can be particularly distressed during storms. White noise machines in a dog’s safe place can help provide some calm in the midst of a loud storm.
  4. Desensitize your dog to thunder and loud noises by playing recordings of storms and make them increasingly louder. Play a game while you do this to associate the sound with good things.
  5. Medication or treats with CBD oil could also help reduce the stress and anxiety during a storm. Be sure to check with Dr. Skinner or Dr. James to see which medications or natural remedies they would recommend for your pet before giving them meds.

Dr. Skinner and Dr. James at Cimarron Animal Hospital can help direct and guide you on the best course of action to remedy your pet’s storm anxiety. Call our offices today to schedule a consultation before the thunderstorm season really takes off in Kansas.

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