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Cat Care 101Wichita Animal Hospital

Here kitty, kitty, kitty! You just adopted a brand new cat. We are so happy for you! You and your furry feline friend have a lot of good times ahead. Our Wichita animal hospital wants to make sure your cat stays happy and healthy with some “Cat Care 101” tips!

Learn How to Care for Your Cat with Tips from Our Wichita Animal Hospital

Feed Your Cat
Cats and especially kittens need healthy food to grow big and strong. Choose a brand-name cat or kitten food that has the right vitamins and nutrients for a healthy diet. The type of food will depend a lot of on your cat's age, activity level and health. Contact our Wichita veterinarians for food suggestions, serving sizes and health tips!

Groom Your Cat
Cats do a great job of cleaning themselves. However, this can result in shedding and hairballs. Brush your cat's coat frequently to help with the grooming process.

Lifting Your Cat
Never by the scruff of the neck or by the front legs – meow! Be gentle. Use one hand underneath the front legs, and place your other beneath the cat's hindquarters.

Shelter for Your Cat
Your cat or kitten needs a soft, dry clean bed to sleep in. They are also safer indoors. Leaving your cat outside puts them in danger of attacks from dogs, coyotes, owls, hawks, and even other cats. They also run the risk of being hit in the street by a car.

ID Tags
When you do take your cat outside, make sure he or she is wearing a collar with identification tags. Microchipping the ID tag will also make it easier to find your cat if he or she becomes lost.

Litter Box
Every cat needs a litter box someplace safe and quiet in the house. Clean and refresh it regularly, and try not to move it in order to avoid confusing your cat.

Scratching Post
Cat's need to scratch – it's just what they do. Make sure they don't scratch your furniture, arms, or clothes! Get your cat a scratching post that's sturdy and at least three feet high. Cutting your cat's nails every 2 to 3 weeks also helps. Contact our Wichita animal hospital for more information about the safest ways to trim your cat's nails.

It's important to visit our Wichita animal hospital once a year for your cat's annual checkup. Our veterinarians will check overall health, diet, make vaccination recommendations, and talk about spaying and neutering options.

For more information about “Cat Care 101,” please contact Cimarron Animal Hospital. Our Wichita veterinarians can't wait to meet you and your cat or kitten!